Journey to a Half Marathon Has Started – Day 1

It just got real. I am officially training for my first half marathon. Yesterday, I did my first outdoor run. The weather was absolutely glorious for an outdoor run. I live in Canada and, well, it’s winter, so the days of bright sunshine and 10C days are few and far between in February. So, knowing that, I took full advantage of the opportunity. I put on my running shoes, loaded up my playlist on my IPhone and headed out.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I haven’t been working out. I’ve been indoors all winter exercising away. But running outside is completely different than running on a treadmill. So, if I’m going to work towards this goal of mine to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2021 (and check out the cool medal they give out, gotta admit, I really want one of those!!), then I needed to get started OUTSIDE!

As I am working my way up to the half marathon, I am starting with a 5km race on June 6th and then a 10km race in the fall. Baby steps people. You just don’t go outside on day 1 and run 21 kms! I also have NO IDEA what my current pace is or how long it will even take me to run a 5km distance, never mind 21 kms!!

So Day 1, I downloaded the Runkeeper app. This app is great. It tracks your pace, time, distance and even maps out the route you run with markers. Game changer for me. I now know how fast (slow) I am going and I have a benchmark to measure myself against.

Off I went, music playing, running app tracking me and I now had to figure out how far I could go without over doing it. Since it was my first run, I opted to go with 3 minute run segments followed by a 1 minute walk. I was able to do that comfortably on the treadmill, so I thought that would be a good place to start. The intervals worked great and it did not completely exhaust me nor was it too easy (part of the route was uphill and going against the wind, just for a challenge!!).

So how did I do? Well, I finished my 5kms (3.1 miles) in 42 minutes. Not too bad for the first day out and walking part of the way. My goal is to work on getting that time below 30 minutes total and to run the entire time, only doing a warm up and cool down walk.

I will be running 3 times a week, each week making the running interval a bit longer until I can run the whole distance with no walks.

I would love to hear your running tips! Drop me a comment about things that worked for you.


Amber Dinda is wife, mom of two teenagers and a serial entreprenuer. She has embraced the mid life years as an opportunity to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer and not approach mid life as a crisis. You can follow Amber’s journey and experiences by subscribing to her blog and connecting with her on Facebook or on Instagram.

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8 thoughts on “Journey to a Half Marathon Has Started – Day 1

  1. Great start to your journey! Recommend getting your feet analyzed to ensure you’re wearing the right shoe. Track Shack is great for getting you in the proper shoe for comfort and safety. Good luck moving forward!


  2. First, kudos to you for working toward this goal! My husband has run several marathons, and he always says to change out your running shoes every 300 miles or so. When he had his feet analyzed and purchased his first pair of running shoes, the people there told him how often he’d need to change his shoes. I’m so glad they pointed that out to him because his shoes always still look great when it’s time for a new pair, and it makes a definite difference on his knees. Best wishes on reaching your goal! That’s a pretty cool medal–a worthy incentive!


    1. Thank you! Yes I have been reading up lots about the importance of shoes. Just got a new pair last week. I’m keeping track in my bullet journal how much I run so I will know when to get new ones. 😊


  3. Good for you! I love running and my only advice would be to enjoy the journey. Don’t get too hung up on times, pace, etc…just listen to your body (it’s thanking you) and have fun. I look forward to following you!


    1. Thank you! That’s a great tip. Hard to know when I am just getting started what to pace myself at. I like that approach. Especially when some days I feel more energetic than others! 😊


  4. First congrats! I have been running for 8 years and Princess was my first 1/2 marathon back in 2015. Now I run all the Disney races. I have a blog as well and have posted a few articles on running, including one for new runners. I look forward to following along.


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