Creating My 2021 Vision Board

This year, I decided to create a different type of vision board. In the past, I have always done the typical large bristol board with cutouts from magazines that ends up looking like a poster.

I wanted something a little different this year. I found this set of 4 white framed bulletin boards and thought those would be perfect for what I had in mind. I found them on Amazon – came in a set of 4 with an accessory pack with tumbtacks, push pins and clothes pegs. I added on some command hooks so I could easily mount them without damaging my walls.

I used some of my Chalk Couture sign making transfers to add inspirational and motivational messages to each one. Who likes a boring bulletin board? Using the white chalk paste coordinated perfectly. They are so easy to make. Apply the resusable transfer (yes they can be reused, be sure to wash after use), apply chalk paste and then peel. Beautiful designs made easy! No design to create on my computer, no vinyl to cut and no weeding of little pieces. It took me less than 10 minutes to do all four! And because the transfers are resuable, I can create over and over again on all sorts of different surfaces.

Now that I had my 4 bulletin boards, I needed to decide what areas of my life I wanted to assoicate with each. Typically when I do my vision boards, I ask the questions

  1. Is it something I want to achieve, something to improve myself or something that is an interest of mine? Or is it personal dreams like travel?
  2. Is is business related? Is this a goal for my business to achieve, something I want to do with my business, where I want my businesss to be?
  3. Is this something to improve or better my family, my home and/or my homelife?
  4. What is my word of the year? And what do I want to achieve incorporating that word?

So given those 4 areas, I allocated one bulletin board to each section: Me, Home, Biz and my word of the year Growth. I made cute little wood tags with each section (using my alphabet transfers and chalk paste to spell out each word) to identify which board was for each area.

I decided to hang my bulletin boards on the doors of my above desk storage. I used command hooks so they are easy to remove in the future if I want to take them down or put them somewhere else. This makes it easy for me to see them and also to add things throughout the year. You can also hang them on the wall in your home office, craft room, reading nook or whereever you might keep your vision board so it can inspire you everyday. These hexagon shaped boards are really nice to arrange in different layouts to make awesome wall galleries.

I’m looking forward to filling these up with my goals and dreams for 2021. Have you set your goals and intentions for the coming year? Do you have a word of the year you are focusing on?


Amber Dinda is wife, mom of two teenagers and a serial entreprenuer. She has embraced the mid life years as an opportunity to enjoy and explore all that life has to offer and not approach mid life as a crisis. You can follow Amber’s journey and experiences by subscribing to her blog and connecting with her on Facebook or on Instagram.

For more information on Home Decor items, you can visit Glen Abbey Decor on Facebook or Instagram. To order DIY supplies and craft kits to make your own home decor pieces, please visit Chalk Couture.

Published by Amber A. Dinda

Mom, Wife and Crafter Helping you make your house a home with beautiful DIY home decor. Mentor to other crafters to help realize their dreams.

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