Journey to a Half Marathon – Still Going!

It’s been about 2 months now since I started my Journey to a Half Marathon. If you haven’t read my first blog about this, here is a quick synopsis. In February 2020, I declared that I would run my first half marathon in February 2021 at Disney World. Yes folks, I want to run theContinue reading “Journey to a Half Marathon – Still Going!”

My Morning Routine – How It Sets the Tone for My Day

Have you ever woken up late, jumped out of bed, quickly got ready and dashed out the door? How do you recall feeling? I know when I start my day like this, my entire day is “off”. I feel rushed and disorganized, that feeling like I am forgetting or missing something. And I’m pretty sureContinue reading “My Morning Routine – How It Sets the Tone for My Day”